Kim Moore President & Founder of "Wheezer's Animal Rescue Foundation" fell in love with animals at a very young age. The mission to help the animals of her community has grown.   Having experience from working with Veterinarians over the years she has seen a multitude of sad scenarios. Many pet owners not having the funds due to emergency care, dogs being abused, homeless or abandoned.  Wheezer's Animal Rescue Foundation" is able to lend a helping hand when we are needed the most. Deb Sampson the Vice President saw the wonderful things first hand that this great foundation does.  She & Kim are working hard towards the future of Wheezer's Animal Rescue Foundation to make it the strongest asset non-profit it can be. Together we are going to make a big and wonderful difference. We have many exciting events planned for fundraisers.  It is more than a conventional animal rescue. Please keep checking back for up coming news.

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